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John Thirlwell the managing director of the company, has produced, directed and even presented children's and religious programmes, gardening and travel shows, political and sports documentaries and award-winning current affairs programmes. Jane Estevez, senior producer, has worked on network news and current affairs, drama and light entertainment for the BBC.

Midnight Callers

Midnight Callers ITV Documentary from John Thirlwell on Vimeo.

60 minute ITV network documentary. Critically acclaimed for finding the real stories behind the sometimes desperate voices on a late-night agony aunt radio show. John Thirlwell produced and directed .

Fair Game

Channel 4 documentary on sporting controversy - race-fixing in the UK. Here, Greg Dyke meets the bookies. Produced and directed by John Thirlwell.

Tudor Kitchen

A pilot film centred on the lifestyle of a Tudor family. Shot on location in a Tudor smallholding, inhabited by a family living as Tudors would. The crew relished the chance to shoot a Healthy Eating, Historic Gardening, Meet the Ancestors, Bake-Off, Come Dine With Me special.. Creative Director Jane Estevez.

A Trading Pictures production / Jane Estevez creative producer.

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