Films : specialist audiences

Reaching parts of the wider 'Community' - the tiny organisations and clubs with a handful of members, or support agencies with clients who are marginalised, and feel detached from the rest of the world, demands specialist skills. We can make a film for any audience, no matter how difficult or complex the message.

Talking to professionals

Here a clinical trial had been commissioned and the target audience needed to be wooed into getting involved. The target audience was professional - not the public. The film we made engaged clinicians, and has apparently been successful in its desired aim.

Talking to Central Government

Here the target audience was the senior civil service - a notoriously remote section of the community. Our brief was to create an attractive picture of what living in West Yorkshire is like, thereby gaining the support of the mandarins who would decide where departments might move in a future government decentralisation. It's working..

Epic production on tight budget

Creating social housing in a former industrial location (a British Mohair mill) involved a progressive housing suport association, a crusty Airedale industrialist, and the skills of regeneration expert John Tate. Money was tight, so no flashy DVD shot by professionals. Instead we were given photographs taken by the project manager. The result - below - does the job but on a budget in hundreds rather than thousands. We still like movies, but we ain't called Trading Pictures for nothing.

What happens when we work with you : case study

How we demonstrated the added value that our client's team brought to manufacturing.