Communications Training

We run communications courses for everyone - from the boardroom to the back-room, for the corporate chief or the community champion. Our courses are delivered using professional journalists and TV producers, supported by broadcast camera crews. We train either in the studio, at a hotel or on the client's own premises.

cartoonAmong our most popular courses:

Introduction to the Media
One day course featuring TV, Radio, Online and Press interviewing. Special module on news sense and news planning.

Communications Strategy
Senior level workshop that identifies your communications goals and how to achieve them. Ideally presented over two days (week-end residential) but can be reduced to one day session.

Crisis Management
What to do when the big story breaks and you are on the receiving end of the hard news brigade. Intensive, studio-based, with rolling news story session run over 4 hours.

Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
Performance skills, vocal exercises, body language, script editing, not to mention how to use the technology to deliver a strong and uncluttered presentation.

Technical Skills Training
How to sessions covering websites, newsletters, leaflets, posters, even how to stage public debates. Sessions delivered by qualified trainers.

To discuss your communications training requirements - or for quotes for delivering any of the above courses, please contact us: